Sally TS Counselling

Online and 'Face to Face' appointments for individuals and couples

Sally TS Counselling
The Practice

Willesden Lane
London NW2 5JG


Face to Face in Willesden Green

  • Individual Assessment Session £65 (60 mins)
  • Individual Counselling Sessions £65 (55 mins)
  • Couple Assessment Session and subsequent sessions £100 (75 mins)


  • Online Individual Assessment Session £65 (60 mins) and subsequent sessions £65 (55 mins)
  • Online Couple Assessment Session £95 (75 mins) and subsequent sessions £95 (75 mins)

If you need a reduced fee please ask as I do have some reduced fee spaces/options of working which are available by negotiation.

I prefer to conduct my initial assessment sessions in person and move to online sessions once we have had some time to get to know each other and establish the way of working that best suits you and the issues you want to resolve or explore in therapy. If, however you are unable to see me in person and want/need to have all your sessions online I am also happy to arrange this.

What to expect

At our first session we will discuss the main difficulties that have brought you to therapy and decide how we will work together to help and support you. Very importantly it is also an opportunity for you to get a sense of me and ask any questions you may have about how I work and the therapy process in general. We will also agree a mutually convenient time to meet each week and the details of our contract.


Fees are due at the end of the session except the initial consultation fee which is due in advance. I accept cash and bank transfers.

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