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Adolescents and Young People

I enjoy working with teenagers over 16 and young adults and have found therapy with this age group to be particularly rewarding and effective.

Many adolescents feel angry, confused and abandoned and they can benefit enormously from a non-judgmental relationship with a counsellor where they can talk freely about what is bothering them.

Adolescents often need help understanding and making sense of their thoughts and feelings and recognising that other people may have different reactions and responses to their own. By taking the time to really listen to young people and hear their stories with a mix of no nonsense and compassion I can help young people feel less alone and more confident about their skills, abilities and qualities thus improving self-esteem and fostering resilience to cope with life’s inevitable challenges.

Adolescence is often a confusing and difficult time. Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is not easy as we attempt to separate out from our parents and discover our passion and purpose in the world. Peer pressure and the desire to fit in is strong and if we experience the loss of a close family member, mental or physical illness or divorce within our family we can find life, academic pressure and relationships particularly challenging, especially if there are no compassionate understanding adults who have time for us. We might find ourselves struggling with issues connected to our identity and gender; our sexuality or physical appearance.

Physically and psychologically it is a time of great change and for the first-time relationships outside the family become more important. Our friendships and first sexual relationship can be fraught with insecurities that can leave a lasting imprint. Exam pressure, peer pressure, university pressure - too many people on our back - it can all feel too much and we long for some respite or freedom from what we see as endless rules and restrictions on our development.

Depression, eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, self-harming or other punitive behaviours or attempts to control the unfair, chaotic world we find ourselves in can make us feel very lonely, ashamed and/or isolated. There may be the lure of a gang or involvement or addiction to harmful drugs such as alcohol, cannabis or MDMA.

Parents might be unavailable or too busy to provide us with the guidance or support that we need.

I provide you with compassionate understanding as well as 'a sounding board' for the angst or anger that can build up against parents or step-parents or other authority figures such as teachers.

If anything, your read above resonates and you would like to get in touch I am here to help.

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