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Couple Counselling

Relationships are difficult, yet they offer huge potential for psychological and spiritual growth if we have the courage to be honest and open about ourselves including our hopes and fears.

As a couple counsellor my job is not to tell you what to do or make you feel that you have to stay together. My role is to facilitate insight and understanding by providing 'a safe place' for you to speak honestly and openly about the difficulties you are experiencing; to share how you are feeling, and to give space to fears and vulnerabilities that you may be less conscious of. Very often this will create a positive shift in how you communicate with each other, helping to renew your appreciation, erotic connection and love for each other.

At other times the therapy may facilitate a separation or moving on and then the couples work becomes a process of saying goodbye and grieving the loss of the relationship.

In our assessment session I will clarify the issues which you would like to address. For many couples this usually involves an initial commitment of 8-10 sessions, either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. However, where there are multiple issues or where significant issues arise during the therapy a longer-term model may be more appropriate.

All relationships go through different stages and it is important to view our relationships as living, breathing processes that require tending just like a garden. An affair or external event such as a redundancy, loss, bereavement or the arrival of a new baby will affect not only the individuals involved but the relationship system as a whole.

Past histories and current stressors will need to be explored as very often they play a part in undermining communication and creating conflict.

I work with heterosexual and same sex individuals and my approach is warm, empathetic and impartial.

I am experienced in working with couples on-line and face to face, but wherever possible I suggest you arrange your diaries and time so that you can meet me in Willesden Green.

Couple or Relationship Counselling can help if: -

  • You and your partner have different communication styles and/or cultural differences/legacy issues that are getting in the way of real intimacy.
  • You have a history of co-dependency or low self-esteem that is making it hard for you to know what you want and ask for what you need in a ‘healthy’ committed relationship.
  • You have difficulty forming and maintaining a stable loving relationship.
  • You are struggling to cope with the loss of a partner through an affair, separation, divorce or death
  • You or your partner are managing a life- crises such as a serious illness or redundancy.
  • You want to work on your relationship, but your partner is unable or unwilling to attend sessions.
  • You or your partner need help working through difficult feelings such as anger, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and jealousy.
  • You or your partner want to end the relationship and feel that some relationship counselling could help you accept and/or complete this process and give space to the ending that is necessary before a new cycle can emerge.
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