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Sally TS Counselling

Sally Turberville Smith
Dipl. Psych, BA Hons, MBACP, UKCP


Often in life the first step is the hardest. Making the decision to seek professional help can feel daunting, but ultimately, I believe it is a courageous act. We all experience times when we feel afraid, anxious and vulnerable. Intense feelings of anger, shame, guilt and struggles with addictive substances or behaviours should not be things we have to manage alone. Change and loss are inevitable and part of the human condition, but so is joy and having the courage to work 'with yourself' and embrace a new beginning or life stage.

Counselling whether you are coming as an individual or as a couple can help you build a more loving and resilient relationship with yourself. It can help you take risks, open up, manage and process difficult feelings, give you time to grieve for past or current losses and provide tools to help you feel more centred, calm and peaceful.

Benefits of counselling/psychotherapy

  • A different perspective on what is troubling you. Helping you to look at yourself and your dilemmas from different angles. This can feel both a relief and very liberating.
  • The space and time to hear yourself speak and discover or affirm what is most important to you, what your values are and how you most want to live.
  • Greater insight into your family of origin and how unresolved trauma may be connected to feelings of overwhelm, anger and depression and/or affecting your ability to give or receive love and intimacy in a healthy adult relationship.
  • Increased compassion for your whole-self and what makes you unique.
  • An awareness of self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals or finding fulfilment in your professional or private life.
  • A sense of empowerment and increased self-esteem as you integrate parts of yourself you forgot you had or had projected onto someone else.
  • The opportunity to explore your inner world and the parts of yourself you are less conscious of, often initiating a desire to change, grow and feel a greater sense of freedom and peacefulness within.

There are no quick fixes in therapy, but I do believe that the examined life is richer and much more interesting, especially if we have the courage and commitment to confront what frightens or limits us and embrace a new narrative to live by.

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